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VISA Guidelines

VISA Guidelines for Attendees

  • Attendees are responsible for conducting thorough research into the visa requirements of the conference’s location, such as Canada, Italy, France, etc., and applying for a visa if deemed necessary. For those participants who require an official Letter of Invitation from Conference Tree, such a letter can be requested via email by maintaining communication with us at or through WhatsApp at +1 (609) 246-0779.
  • Conference Tree will exclusively issue Letters of Invitation to registered conference participants who are accompanied by dependents, including family members or children. The registration fee, minus handling charges, will be reimbursed post-conference if the visa application was timely submitted and valid evidence is presented demonstrating the visa’s denial despite the submission of all requisite documents. To initiate a refund request, please reach out to us via email at
  • The scope of the visa will be strictly aligned with the event’s scheduled dates. Applicants must refrain from indicating a stay that extends beyond the event’s designated dates in their visa application form.
  • All expenses associated with participating in the conference, including visa-related costs, are the sole responsibility of the attendees. All financial obligations arising from the conference are to be borne entirely by the participants.