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Welcome to Conference Tree, an international networking platform with a dedicated purpose: to bring together speakers from diverse backgrounds and expertise, fostering the exchange of knowledge, inspiration, and the creation of meaningful connections. Our core mission is to cultivate a collaborative environment where thought leaders, industry experts, and passionate individuals can engage in insightful discussions and exchange their innovative ideas.

At Conference Tree, we draw inspiration from the symbolism of trees and weave it into our network of speakers in a distinctive and profound manner. Just as a tree flourishes with its interconnected branches, leaves, and roots, our platform emphasizes the value of interconnectedness, growth, and sustainability within our community of speakers.

The essence of Conference Tree lies in its foundation of knowledge, aiming to provide fertile ground for the fertile exchange of ideas. Our platform nurtures the growth of expertise and encourages speakers to generously share their insights, experiences, and wisdom with others.

Our vision is to gather high-profile researchers, speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, leaders, mental health professionals, and coaches, providing them a virtual or physical stage to share their invaluable information across a spectrum of topics. This endeavor is underpinned by substantial support, both virtually and physically.

Our primary goal is to facilitate meaningful connections among individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners, leaders, Doctors, nurturing strong and fruitful relationships that result in a steady flow of leads and opportunities.

Our Upcoming Global Conferences

  • 11-12 JULY 2024

    New York, USA

  • 24-25 OCT 2024

    Paris, France

  • 03-04 NOV 2024

    Rome, Italy

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